I bought one of the first IBM PC's back in 1982. I bought one of the first Mac's in 1984. I am a long-time loyal Apple user. Over the years there have been times when I have willingly tried Microsoft products. Other times I have been forced to due to client requirements or infrastructure necessities. I have never been a big fan of Microsoft. I have never cared much for their products or their arrogance.

I can trace my negative Microsoft perceptions back to a couple of events that occurred in the late 90's. First was my attempt at standardizing on Word as the defacto standard in our firm for word processing. This was quickly aborted due to the tyranny of Word formatting. Second, was a series of meetings we had with Microsoft. Over the course of several meetings we were told each time how fortunate we were to be working with Microsoft because Microsoft only hires the smartest people. This level of arrogance is bad enough if the people proclaiming their intelligence really are intelligent. But in this case they simply were not that bright.

The smart thing with Microsoft is the ultimate reality distortion field. I've never considered Bill Gates to be smart. I do consider him to be lucky and competent. Gates and crew continue to benefit from a single decision made way back to purchase and resell an operating system to IBM. Since then Microsoft has never introduced a product that wasn't a second rate knock-off. The Windows operating system franchise allowed them to dominate markets and categories with uncompetitive products and technology. The current security flaws of Windows exposed by on-line hackers have demonstrated just how poorly written and conceived the franchise really is.

Wall Street analysts, industry analysts, business pundits, investors and customers continue to confuse Microsoft's wealth with intelligence. As if Microsoft's perceived intelligence generated their wealth. This confusion helps generate the energy that supports the reality distortion field. The other contributor to the reality distortion field is the myth of scale and the power of the Microsoft network. The myth being that Microsoft in invulnerable due to it's market penetration and infrastructure investment in the Windows franchise. Combined the confusion and the myth generate a powerful reality distortion field that nobody has attempted to penetrate.