We are in the process of developing a new relationship with the Alidade Group of Newport Rhode Island. Alidade is a think tank specializing in complex systems research. They stage war games for the department of defense and invited vSente to participate in a recent engagement.

War games attempt to simulate a conflict between two competing forces. The objective of a war game is to provide planners and players with a realistic environment in which to test strategy and tactics. The blue team represents the home team the red team, the opposing force. The red team attempts to model and simulate competing competencies, strategies and tactics.

There is a direct application of war gaming theory to marketing campaigns. Almost allmarketing campaigns are developed in a vacuum - meaning that little or no effort is made to anticipate, model or gauge competitor response. Marketers do attempt to predict buying behavior via focus groups and marketing tests. But these efforts are not enough.

vSente is developing a war gaming competency to add to the FIRSTmaneuver methodology. Called The Red Team, the purpose of this competency is to allow the marketer to test campaign strategy via a simulated campaign. If you would like to see the results of a game run by Alidade visit their web site at Alidade.