Greg Swanson is Dell’s Global Account Manager for Siemens Worldwide. He is based in Munich, Germany and has also worked for Xerox, Eastman Kodak, and Cable and Wireless. Over his 17 year career, Greg has developed an appreciation for Boyd and recently wrote a white paper applying O-O-D-A to key account selling. Greg has offered his unpublished paper to our FIRSTmaneuver community. Greg has written a concise analysis that is an excellent read for CEO’s and sales reps alike.

Here is an excerpt from Greg’s paper:

"Like in war, selling in today’s high tech, hyper competitive environment has a high degree of unknown factors that hit an account team as soon as the first shot is fired. The result, as Clausewitz explained it, is the “fog of war”. The pace of a rapidly changing environment (customer and competitive) cause the traditional planning methods to seem static. The customer reaction cannot always be predicted, nor can the response of the competitors to the customer situation. In order to be successful, tasks need to be changed in order to adapt to the environment. In the last decade, I have seen countless account plans executed in large accounts, and none of them went according to the original plan. The ones that did not adapt quickly to developing situation the situation were unsuccessful."

If you like to contact Greg directly he can be reached at:

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