I was surprised at Carly Fiorina's resignation today. I'm disappointed she didn't stay and fight. This is the first real resistance she's met since completing the Compaq acquisition. Instead of staying and defending her work, she pockets a $20 million check and leaves. I have been up and down on Carly. I didn't like the Compaq deal. I did like the way she fought and won it. I just wrote about this departure phenomena last week.

Now that HP is in a state of disarray, competitors can have a field day exploiting the confusion. Dylan Rattigan on CNBC this morning is suggesting that Dell will "go nuts" attacking HP 's customer base. This type of event is a perfect opportunity for a smaller more agile challenger to attack a market leader. Which is the thesis behind the Armory.

In that Dell is in a good position to go after HP customers, I wonder how effective they can be in exploiting an urgent opportunity based upon the comments made by one of their vendors. The essence of these comments was that Dell's communication approval process was delaying product launches and impacting Dells bottom line. If this is truly the case (which I am still trying to determine) will Dell really be able to execute on an opportunity that requires instantaneous reaction?

Importantly, this should unleash a feeding frenzy for the truly agile, aggressive HP competitor.