PLANNING - Step 3 - Building the Attack Engine
05.07.00 OODA and C3i are decision processes.

The Boyd Cycle and C3i are decision processes. As such they are not organizational schemes (you would not designate a “manager of control” or a “VP of orientation”) but they are means to categorize enterprise activities. The attack engine combines these processes which are then “owned” and facilitated by managers and executives in a tradtional sales and marketing organization.

While we are basing the attack engine on C3i I am going to change two of the labels to better reflect their application in the business world. The first label is Command. For purposes of the attack engine we will relabel Command, Execution. Second is Intelligence. Reflecting the importance of Boyd’s orientation theory on the O-O-D-A loop I will rechristen Intelligence, Orientation. So rather than Command, Control, Communication and Intelligence, we now have Command, Execution, Communication and Orientation.

An important feature of the attack engine is how the command, execution, communication and orientation functions are timed. Each function cycles differently. For example the command cycle may fire every 30 days. The control cycle every 7 days, the communication cycle every day and the intelligence cycle hourly. The monthly/weekly/daily/hourly cycle timing works as a starting point for many campaigns. As the campaign progresses you may advance this timing or slow it down in order to always be inside your competitors O-O-D-A loop.