PLANNING - Step 3 - Building the Attack Engine
05.05.00 Relating command and control and O-O-D-A.

John Boyd in his paper titled Organic Command and Control(3) describes the epitome of command and control this way:

“Command and control must permit one to direct and shape what is to be done as well as permit one to modify that direction and shaping by assessing what is being done.”

Further Boyd then goes on to describe the relationship of command and control to his O-O-D-A Loop.

“The process of observation - orientation - decision - action represents what takes place during the command and control process - which means that the O-O-D-A loop can be thought of as being the C&C loop.”

The second “O”, orientation - as the repository of our genetic heritage, cultural tradition, and previous experiences is the most important part of the O-O-D-A loop since it shapes the way we observe, decide and act. Implication - operating inside adversary’s O-O-D-A loop means the same thing as operating inside adversary’s C&C loop.

(3) Organic Design for Command and Control (May 1987). John Boyd