PLANNING - Step 3 - Building the Attack Engine
05.13.04 The orientation cycle is owned by the campaign manager.

Orientation is the process of capturing, interpreting, creating, and distributing intelligence. The ability to collect, interpret, visualize, and act upon intelligence faster than competitors, represents a critical element of an effective command and control infrastructure. The intelligence cycle starts with the acquisition of information and raw data culled via observations. From here the information is assimilated in preparation for analysis and interpretation. The next step of the orientation cycle consists of analysis and interpretation processes. The final step consists of creating relevant intelligence reports and distributing them accordingly. Subsequent feedback relating to the intelligence is fed back into the process and the cycle starts again. The intelligence cycle fires continuously. With the internet, blogs, RSS feeds, e-mail, instant messaging, videocams, the ability to be on 24/7 is at the fingertips of every marketer. Condensing this intell into hourly sweeps is a good starting point. Authority for orientation cycles falls to a campaign manager. Competitive intelligence librarians, research managers, and field intelligence operatives also form parts of the intelligence group. Hourly sweeps are published on line and shared with each of the other principals.