PLANNING - Step 3 - Building the Attack Engine
05.13.03 Communication is owned by marketing.

The function of communications is to create/manage internal and external perceptions. Communications includes all advertising, press relations and events. The communications cycle encompasses relationships with agencies, consultants and vendors necessary to craft and place enterprise messaging. All marketing communications competencies are included in this cycle. The ability to rapidly develop, produce and deploy messaging is critical and must be faster than your adversary. The communication cycle is defined by the amount of time it takes to produce and distribute a message. With the internet and other rapid message development techniques a daily cycle is the best place to start. Ownership of the communications function will typically rest with the VP of Marketing or marketing communications manager. A communications group will consist of roles such as: advertising managers, production and graphics artists, PR specialists, MARCOM managers, and writers. The communications cycle stages a daily briefing at which all communication principals attend with the intent of reviewing work in process fashioning the days communiques and evaluating competitive moves.