PLANNING - Step 3 - Building the Attack Engine
05.13.01 Command is a strategic leadership activity.

Strategic direction is determined and revaluated through a series of strategic planning sessions called congregations. The command cycle is the cycle that should require the least amount of revolutions or the longest cycle time. The command function as indicated in the definition impacts on a strategic level and is needed only for significant departures from plan. In the spirit of the Marine Corps definition of mission C&C this is a hands-off cycle. Meaning that the day -to-day decision are left to the team members on the front lines of the campaign. A 30-day cycle is generally a good starting point for most campaigns. This timing may be accelerated to weekly during periods of frenetic campaigning and could be daily if a crisis is brewing. The command function is owned by the person responsible for the outcome of the campaign typically the VP sales and marketing. The primary event for the command cycle is the congregation. The purpose of the congregation is to allow senior management the chance to interact face-to-face with campaign managers and to adjust the strategy according to results.