PLANNING - Step 2 - Framing the Attack
04.09.08 CG: EXECUTION - Tactics that increase interaction.

Sacrifice a nickel for a dollar. INTERPRETATION: Sacrifice a small loss to prevent a large loss. BASIS: Preserving your resources safeguards your capacity to operate. TACTIC: Concede a small market to adversary to save a larger market.

Aid your adversary’s victim. INTERPRETATION: Use the threat your adversary poses to another as a pretext to expand your influence. BASIS: Imminent danger makes receptive hosts of those who otherwise resist you. TACTIC: Approach a smaller competitor threatened by adversary for acquisition or joint venture.

Catch your adversary sleeping. INTERPRETATION: Surprise your adversary where he is unprepared or you are unexpected. BASIS: Surprise brings your adversary into the engagement on your terms. TACTIC: Attack and dominate a minor market.

Rise up and charge. INTERPRETATION: Resolve a desperate situation with a bold action. BASIS: Boldness when engaged in a desperate situation carries with it the possibility of victory. TACTIC: Acquire adversary.

There are only 54 tactics described above. There are thousands more marketers can create to exploit their specific opportunity. Use Robert Cantrell’s strategies to serve as catalysts for developing your own set of interaction and isolation tactics.