PLANNING - Step 2 - Framing the Attack
04.09.07 CG: EXECUTION - Tactics that isolate the adversary.

Let the tiger find no place to its claws. INTERPRETATION: Make the hostile intents and capabilities of your adversary irrelevant. BASIS: Your adversary cannot harm you if he has no place to realize his aggression. TACTIC: Use patents, policies or standards to reduce vulnerability.

Feign foolishness. INTERPRETATION: Pretend to be ignorant while making meticulous plans. BASIS: Foolish minds do not arouse suspicion. TACTIC: Declare competitor irrelevant you plan to pursue.

Sow a discord. INTERPRETATION: Mislead your adversary’s agents so they report false intelligence to their leaders. BASIS: Those sent to uncover your secrets are choice carriers of misinformation. TACTIC: Invite a adversary -friendly vendor to bid on a potential new product.

Stand back and watch the fires burn. INTERPRETATION: Allow a discord in your adversary’s camp to reduce the adversary from within. BASIS: A discord in your adversary’s camp may deliver a desired result without your participation. TACTIC: Patiently watch adversary’s financial woes deepen. Then attack.

Change the pace of the engagement. INTERPRETATION: Act faster or slower than your adversary can act or react. BASIS: An adversary’s inability to act or react at your pace diminishes his capacity to oppose you. TACTIC: Exploit adversary’s OODA loop.

Take the hill while no one is there. INTERPRETATION: Command a critical position ahead of your adversary. BASIS: Your adversary cannot beat you to an objective you already hold. TACTIC: Use short-term, time-shared private jets to win a major account against adversary traveling commercial airlines.

Isolate your adversary. INTERPRETATION: Separate your adversary from the objective or the means to act on the objective. BASIS: Your adversary cannot shape the outcome of the engagement if he cannot affect the objective. TACTIC: Hire adversaries sales rep for key account.

Burden your adversary with victory. INTERPRETATION: Allow the consequences of attaining his objective to hinder your adversary. BASIS: An adversary that is hindered by a burdensome victory leaves other challenges unmet. TACTIC: Let adversary win an especially burdensome contract that will demand most of their resources and time.

Douse the fire that boils the water. INTERPRETATION: Neutralize your adversary’s source of power to undermine his strength and endurance. BASIS: A loss of power challenges your adversary’s capacity to realize his plans. TACTIC: Hire a key executive of adversary.

Incapacitate the leadership. INTERPRETATION: Cripple the capacity of your adversary’s leaders to assert their influence. BASIS: A loss of leadership pushes your adversary toward disorganization and defeat. TACTIC: Hire adversary’s top salesman.

Eliminate your adversary’s choices. INTERPRETATION: Leave your adversary with no viable options or call your adversary’s bluff. BASIS: An adversary with no options cannot keep you guessing. TACTIC: Match adversary’s discounted price designed to scare you off.

Defeat your adversary’s plans. INTERPRETATION: Deny your adversary the opportunity to show what he can do. BASIS: The best your adversary can do means little if he cannot execute his plans. TACTIC: Utilize legislation to neutralize an adversary’s proprietary advantage.