PLANNING - Step 2 - Framing the Attack
04.09.06 CG: RELATIONSHIPS - Tactics that increase interaction

Conceal your purpose behind a smile. INTERPRETATION: Attend to your plans while in your adversary’s confidence. BASIS: In the confidence of your adversary you may reach your objective unopposed. TACTIC: Establish a partnership with adversary while preparing to attack adversary customer.

Provide a center for advantage. INTERPRETATION: Draw others to seek your favor so they become your allies or at least choose not to oppose you. BASIS: Drawing others to seek your favor increases their propensity to help you succeed. TACTIC: Use a blog for a successful product to encourage customers and vendors to comment on their experiences.

Win over your adversary with kindness. INTERPRETATION: Prevail in the face of a formidable adversary by appealing to the leaders vanity. BASIS: Suitable enticements pacify adversaries and open the gates to their fortresses. TACTIC: Form a friendship/partnership with adversary’s CEO.

Lie in wait for an attacking adversary. INTERPRETATION: Challenge your adversary’s plans with an aggressive defense that is prepared to receive him. BASIS: An adversary that attacks your defense as you have prepared it to receive him maximizes your advantages. TACTIC: Launch a massive customer care campaign to pre-empt adversary’s new product launch.

Score a small victory along the way. INTERPRETATION: Use a minor lapse in your adversary’s attention to gain a minor prize. BASIS: Small victories can mean the difference between winning and losing. TACTIC: Cherry-pick smaller adversary’s customers who may be neglected.