PLANNING - Step 2 - Framing the Attack
04.09.05 CG: RELATIONSHIPS - Tactics that isolate the adversary.

Leave a vulnerability unprotected. INTERPRETATION: Expose an obvious target to your adversary to make it appear that you have set a trap. BASIS: An adversary’s fear of traps can lead him to pause though no danger exists. TACTIC: Dramatically increase price to an account prized by your adversary who may sense a trap and stay away.

Provoke your adversary’s reaction. INTERPRETATION: Test your adversary’s response before committing to an action. BASIS: An adversary’s response to an action lessens the guesswork in your planning. TACTIC: Test a price cut on a non-strategic customer to test adversary’s response.

Travel in the open without suspicion. INTERPRETATION: Mask your intent behind an ordinary pattern of behavior. BASIS: The ordinary becomes invisible, and the invisible can act anywhere. TACTIC: Use traditional travel patterns to mask important negotiations with key adversary customer.

Show part but not all your plan. INTERPRETATION: Engage your adversary’s attention to set him up for an action from an unexpected angle. BASIS: A real and present engagement distracts your adversary from other concerns. TACTIC: Pre-release marketing strategy with appearances of a premium price offering then sell at a discounted price.

Strike with a borrowed hand. INTERPRETATION: Bring about a conflict between your adversary and a force other than your own. BASIS: A borrowed hand may deliver your desired result while you keep a safe distance. TACTIC: Motivate a mutual and significant vendor to question adversary’s business.

Engage your adversary from many directions. INTERPRETATION: Seek a decisive result with two or more coordinated actions. BASIS: An adversary’s response to one action may leave him vulnerable to another. TACTIC: Attack a large group of similar adversary customers with different offers, features, and prices.

Use overwhelming force. INTERPRETATION: Act with more power and depth than your adversary can handle. BASIS: Every adversary has a breaking point through which his capacity to oppose you collapses. TACTIC: Marshall all your resources to attack and dislodge adversary from a large key account.