PLANNING - Step 2 - Framing the Attack
04.09.04 CG: INFRASTRUCTURE - Tactics that increase interaction.

Reveal an injury to gain support. INTERPRETATION: Show you have been injured by a rival of your adversary to gain your adversary’s assistance. BASIS: An adversary with a reason to help you succeed adds to his troubles by doing so. TACTIC: Publicize a major loss to leaders primary challenger.

Befriend the far to address the near. INTERPRETATION: Leverage distant alliances to solve local problems. BASIS: Distant allies tend not to become local adversaries. TACTIC: Use outsourcing or international distributors as a means for building new markets and customers.

Tempt your adversary with a way out. INTERPRETATION: Stop forcing the issue so your adversary stops resisting and tries to escape. BASIS: An adversary set on escape foregoes the protections of his current position. TACTIC: Allow adversary to build a new facility unchallenged in order to create more competition and choice for customers.

Feint in the east act in the west. INTERPRETATION: Draw attention away from your plans with a suitable deception. BASIS: An adversarial force that responds to a deception does not oppose your primary action. TACTIC: Publicly begin searching for offshore manufacturing while planning on expanding in your home town.

Reverse roles from guest to host. INTERPRETATION: Step by step gain authority in an organization that requested your assistance. BASIS: Incremental gains in authority provide a subtle means to assume control of a host from within. TACTIC: Add to competencies by forward integrating via a customer acquisition.

Sheath your sword. INTERPRETATION: Deliberately present your adversary with an opportunity that empowers him to accept your terms. BASIS: Empowering your adversary to accept your terms provides him with an honorable way out of the engagement. TACTIC: Offer favorable joint venture terms to adversary for a desired proprietary technology.