PLANNING - Step 2 - Framing the Attack
04.09.03 CG: INFRASTRUCTURE - Tactics that isolate the adversary.

Leave behind an empty shell. INTERPRETATION: Hide your intentions by appearing to maintain the status quo. BASIS: The status quo does not draw added attention. TACTIC: Feign lack of interest in a adversary’s largest customer.

Loot a burning house. INTERPRETATION: Take advantage of a crisis suffered by your adversary. BASIS: A crisis may keep your adversary from opposing your actions. TACTIC:Adversary suffers denial of service attack on their e-commerce platform allowing challenger to take online customer share.

Fill your camp with empty tents. INTERPRETATION: Create the illusion of strength to change your adversary’s course of action. BASIS: Illusions of strength produce real results against those who hesitate to call your bluff. TACTIC: Advertise for new sales reps, marketers and service personnel for a key market served by your adversary.

Muddy the water to hide the nets. INTERPRETATION: Confuse your adversary so he cannot perceive your intentions. BASIS: Confused adversaries make mistakes they would not make if they grasped your intentions. TACTIC: Announce plans to consider building a new manufacturing plant in adversary’s key market.

Target a center of gravity. INTERPRETATION: Pursue or attain an objective your adversary will seek to protect or recover. BASIS: Targeting an essential part of your adversary’s disposition challenges the balance of power. TACTIC: Acquire a small but critical vendor of proprietary parts to adversary.

Eliminate your adversary. INTERPRETATION: Terminate your adversary’s present and future participation in the engagement. BASIS: Eliminating your adversary undermines his capacity to oppose you. TACTIC: Sue adversary and win a cease and desist order.

Allow your adversary no sanctuary. INTERPRETATION: Threaten your adversary everywhere and all the time. BASIS: The presence of a constant threat impedes your adversary’s preparations and recovery. TACTIC: Launch a large synchronized attack on all customers within adversary’s most important market.