PLANNING - Step 2 - Framing the Attack
04.09.02 CG: OFFERING - Tactics that increase interaction.

Live to fight another day. INTERPRETATION: Retain your potential to act in the future by escaping or evading your adversary. BASIS: Escape and evasion keeps the possibility of victory alive. TACTIC: Withdraw from a losing price war before fatal damage is inflicted.

Raise an icon from the past. INTERPRETATION: Enhance your standing by linking past glory to your present cause. BASIS: Empires rise and fall in the name of ideals. TACTIC: Relaunch a retro-brand.

Change the scope of the engagement. INTERPRETATION: Expand or limit the field of action until key measures of advantage fall into your favor. BASIS: Decisive advantages often reside within alternative boundaries. TACTIC: Offer customers free or discounted features difficult for adversary to duplicate.
Bolt the door behind the thief. INTERPRETATION: Render your adversary powerless by trapping him in a vulnerable position. BASIS: A trapped adversary loses his power to shape the outcome of the engagement. TACTIC: Expose adversary’s quality issues to general market increasing your interaction with new prospects.

Lure the tiger out of the mountain. INTERPRETATION: Entice a formidable adversary to seek an engagement on your terms. BASIS: Engaging an adversary on your terms maximizes the advantages you have. TACTIC: Propose a joint venture to adversary with a proprietary feature of value you own.

Make an example out of another. INTERPRETATION: Defeat a single adversary of merit so others concede without fighting. BASIS: Fear compels the vulnerable to seek your favor or stay out of your way. TACTIC: Use a short term proprietary advantage to smash adversary with a highly- visible customer.

Render the engagement pointless. INTERPRETATION: Neutralize the objective that puts you at odds with your adversary. BASIS: Without an objective your adversary has no reason to act against you. TACTIC: Cease fire in a long-running price war.