PLANNING - Step 2 - Framing the Attack
04.09.01 CG: OFFERING - Tactics that isolate adversary.

Create something from nothing. INTERPRETATION: Demonstrate your willingness to bluff so your adversary doubts your real actions. BASIS: An adversary that doubts the reality of your actions may leave your initiatives unchallenged. TACTIC: Publicly state intentions to open new market. Then don’t.

Prolong the fight. INTERPRETATION: Do not allow your adversary to succeed within his capacity to endure the engagement. BASIS: Over time, not losing may produce the same result as winning. TACTIC: Sustain a price war with adversary’s key customer.

Disorient your adversary. INTERPRETATION: Compel your adversary to redirect until you cause him to make an exploitable mistake. BASIS: An adversary that cannot cope with your maneuvers yields the initiative to you. TACTIC: Launch a minor new product and quickly evolve the feature set causing adversary to react to your changes.

Kick away the ladder after the ascent. INTERPRETATION: Encourage an advance and eliminate the means to retreat. BASIS: A decision to advance without a means to retreat forces a new direction. TACTIC: Entice adversary into a price war he cannot sustain.

Lure the adversary to a bait. INTERPRETATION: Tempt your adversary to expose himself by presenting a prospect for gain. BASIS: The right incentive tempts your adversary to take risks he would normally avoid. TACTIC: Increase price with an incidental customer to test your adversary’s new pricing policies.

Raise the stakes. INTERPRETATION: Challenge your adversary to risk more than he can lose. BASIS: A resultant exposure to excessive risk deters your adversary from opposing you. TACTIC: If adversary is publicly-traded initiate massive price war on a secondary market they will not defend to Wall Street.