PLANNING - Step 2 - Framing the Attack

1. Decrease price. Challenger attacks leader’s premium with discounted pricing.

2. Increase price. Challenger attacks leader with premium pricing in tandem with superior quality, features or reputation.

3. Increase quality. Challenger attacks leader’s inferior quality with superior quality.

4. Decrease quality. Challenger attacks leaders’s superior quality position with inferior quality in tandem with discounted pricing.

5. Increase features. Challenger attacks leader’s minimal feature set with an increased feature set.

6. Decrease features. Challenger attacks leader’s enhanced feature set with decreased features and a discounted price.

7. Interdict features. Challenger attacks leader’s feature set by obsoleting leaders feature set with new technology, design or engineering.

8. Increase service. Challenger can attack leader’s poor service with excellent service.

9. Decrease service. Challenger can attack leaders excellent service with limited service and discounted pricing.