PLANNING - Step 2 - Framing the Attack
04.01.00 Center of gravity determines strategy.

There are many ways to attack a competitor. From a full-on frontal assault to attacks that never actually engage the competition. The ultimate attack is one where you dislodge your competition without ever actually engaging your competition. The center of gravity analysis sets the stage for the development of strategy.

The art of attack is driven by the ability to develop and execute superior strategy. A strategy should be described with a single sentence, that is clearly stated, and not open to interpretation or confusion. If you can’t describe your strategy in a single simple sentence then it is unlikely you will succeed in executing the strategy. I offer the following form as a basis for expressing a strategy. The form consists of a verb and a subject.

Our strategy is to increase (verb) quality (subject).

Expressing strategy is that simple. Marketers and strategists tend to go overboard with complicated strategies that are difficult to understand and follow. Keep it simple. And keep it basic. The magic is not how the words are communicated but what the words stand for. There is no amount of flowery language or complicated rationale that can make up for a flawed strategy.