PLANNING - Step 1 - Determining Center of Gravity

Examples of signals indicating potential vulnerabilities with adversary’s Execution CG’s.

1. Recent acquisition. Leaders digesting a recent acquisition will be distracted and lethargic and vulnerable to challenger attacks.

2. Trophy boards. Leaders with high-profile board members are vulnerable to attack by challengers with less oversight.

3. Doctrine change. Leaders publicly adopting fad or pop operating doctrines are vulnerable to challenger operating contra-doctrine.

4. Publicly traded. Transparency, reporting overhead, risk adverse boards, and regulatory oversight all combine to make the publicly-traded enterprise vulnerable to less-burdened privately-held challengers.

5. Executive turnover. Rapid turnover in both executive and management ranks indicate internal issues ripe for exploitation.

6. Operating bias. Leaders managed by CPA’s and attorney’s are predictable and vulnerable to unconventional attacks.