PLANNING - Step 1 - Determining Center of Gravity
03.00.04 EXECUTION CG's:

Potential COG’s describing the soul of the enterprise including process or methodology related competencies that enable the functioning of the enterprise.

Center of Gravity (CG) LEADERSHIP
Critical Capabilities (CC) Effective leadership.
Critical Requirements (CR) Respect from employees/vendors, etc. Requisite experience and judgment. Courage. Vested interest - Risk/reward. Develop effective strategy. Competitive nature.
Critical Vulnerabilities (CV) Disenfranchised employees. Inexperienced leaders. Cowardliness. Uncommitted leaders. Ineffective strategy. Lack of competitiveness.

Center of Gravity (CG) VISION
Critical Capabilities (CC) Compelling vision.
Critical Requirements (CR) Assertive objectives. Effective communicator. Skilled navigator.
Critical Vulnerabilities (CV) Meaningless objectives. Uninspired communications. Lack of direction.

Center of Gravity (CG) INNOVATION
Critical Capabilities (CC) Create/evolve new offerings.
Critical Requirements (CR) Skilled personnel. Functional infrastructure.
Critical Vulnerabilities (CV) Competitive disruption/interdiction. Unable to execute innovations

Center of Gravity (CG) REPUTATION
Critical Capabilities (CC) Acceptable reputation..
Critical Requirements (CR) Interaction with key influencers. Branding, Advertising, PR.
Critical Vulnerabilities (CV) Isolation of key influencers. Bad PR, Poor image.

Center of Gravity (CG) COMMAND AND CONTROL
Critical Capabilities (CC) Agility, cohesiveness, assertiveness, subtlety.
Critical Requirements (CR) Functional infrastructure. Effective process. Decisive leaders. Delegation of authority. Channels of communication.
Critical Vulnerabilities (CV) Denial of service, outages. Inability to execute. Slow tempo Ineffective rank and file. Isolation.

Center of Gravity (CG) DOCTRINE
Critical Capabilities (CC) Profit driven operating doctrine.
Critical Requirements (CR) Unfettered capitalism. Competitive instincts.
Critical Vulnerabilities (CV) Triple bottom line. Naïve/fad doctrine. Competitor attacks.

Center of Gravity (CG) LEGAL
Critical Capabilities (CC) Defend and protect enterprise
Critical Requirements (CR) Skilled personnel. Assertive doctrine.
Critical Vulnerabilities (CV) Unable to protect/assert rights. Unwilling to protect/assert rights.

Center of Gravity (CG) CAPITALIZATION
Critical Capabilities (CC) Finance operations
Critical Requirements (CR) Access to markets.
Critical Vulnerabilities (CV) Public reporting requirements. Operating burden.