PLANNING - Step 1 - Determining Center of Gravity

Potential CG’s representing the means by which products and services are offered including plant and equipment, technology, distribution and technology.

Center of Gravity (CG) PLANT & EQUIPMENT
Critical Capabilities (CC) Consistently produce desired output.
Critical Requirements (CR) Functional infrastructure. Skilled/unskilled labor. Capital/expansion/maintenance.
Critical Vulnerabilities (CV) Old plant & equipment. New plant & equipment. Automation. Uncompetitive wages. Labor shortages. Lack of requisite skills. Lack of operating capital. Lack of requisite skills.

Center of Gravity (CG) TECHNOLOGY
Critical Capabilities (CC) Generate efficiency and agility.
Critical Requirements (CR) Hardware/software/infrastructure. Knowledgeable personnel.
Critical Vulnerabilities (CV) Inefficiencies lack of technology. Rigidity too much technology. Access to capital. Lack of requisite skills. Labor shortages. Uncompetitive wages.

Center of Gravity (CG) POLICIES
Critical Capabilities (CC) Operate within environmental, legal, and ethical rules, regs and policies.
Critical Requirements (CR) Interaction with policy influencers/authorities Influence policy decisions
Critical Vulnerabilities (CV) Adverse policy decisions. Hostile influencers. Attack by special interests

Center of Gravity (CG) DISTRIBUTION
Critical Capabilities (CC) Efficiently move offerings through channels of distribution.
Critical Requirements (CR) Physical infrastructure. Logistical support.
Critical Vulnerabilities (CV) Dysfunctional infrastructure. Capacity restraints. Wrong channels. Capacity surpluses. Bad command & control. Technology breakdowns.