THEORY - Maneuver Concepts
02.08.00 O-O-D-A and frame of reference.

So when Boyd combines frame of reference in context of the OODA loop an overall message is apparent:

“The ability to operate at a faster tempo or rhythm than an adversary enables one to fold the adversary back in side himself so that he can neither appreciate nor keep-up with what’s going on. He will become disoriented or confused; which suggests that, unless such menacing pressure is relieved adversary will experience a combinations of uncertainty, doubt, confusion, self-deception, indecision, fear, panic, discouragement, despair, etc., which will further: disorient or twist his mental images/impressions of what’s happening; thereby, disrupt his mental/physical maneuvers for dealing with such menace; thereby collapse his ability to carry on.”

Let us now apply Boyd directly to business. In his paper titled The Strategic Game of ? and ?(11) (the question marks were meant by Boyd to answer the question of what is strategy?) Boyd posed a series of questions and answers regarding the role of strategy. I will use Boyd’s exchange in order to translate Boyd’s theories directly to marketing campaigns.

11. The Strategic Game of ? and ?. John Boyd.