THEORY - Attacking a Business
01.05.00 Military and marketing campaigns.

What I discovered as I read more and more about maneuver theory were the many similarities between military and business campaigning.

Here are several examples:

a. Activity. Business and war are each a form of competition involving two or more adversaries striving to gain an advantage or achieve a victory.

b. Strategy. Strategy plays an important role in each activity and can determine the outcome of the conflict.

c. Resources. Both business and war face significant logistical issues that require the organization and projection of people and resources.
d. Competencies. Both the military and business must marshal and command a complex set of resources and competencies.

e. Leadership. Visionary leaders capable of driving sustainable results are critical to the success of each activity and can be a decisive factor in determining the success of the campaign.

f. Intelligence. The ability to collect, analyze and distribute competitive intelligence is paramount to both the military and business.