01.01.00 Defining campaigning.

Campaigning is the art of decision making, leading, and motivating people and their organizations into action to accomplish missions; visualizing current state and future state, then formulating concepts of operations to get from one place to another at least cost; assigning missions, prioritizing and allocating resources, selecting the critical time and place to act, and knowing how and when to make adjustments during the campaign (as inspired by MCDP6).

Campaigning is an art. The art of campaigning is driven by the ability to exploit uncertainty. Historically, there have been two basic responses to coping with uncertainty... minimize it or exploit it.

The group who has perhaps the most forward thinking approach to dealing with uncertainty is the military. The Marine Corps in developing there command and control doctrine embraces uncertainty.

Rather than attempting to seek order and certainty in the disorderly and uncertain environment of war - the Marines created a command and control doctrine based upon organic (Boyds Organic Command and Control), ad hoc organization structure.