VSENTE is a marketing campaigning consultancy with offices in San Francisco and London. They execute campaigns for a global clientele via a proprietary campaiging methodology.


vSente was founded by Mike Smock an internationally recognized marketing expert. Immediately prior to vSente, he was the Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing for CRM vendor Moss Software (recently sold to E.piphany) and Chief Revenue Officer for outdoor apparel maker Gramicci. In his early career Smock held senior sales and marketing positions with AFG Industries later sold to Asahi Glass and Allied Tube and Conduit now part of Tyco. He was the Cofounder of Dynaquest Corporation an artificial intelligence pioneer, and led the successful leveraged buyout of AP&E from Johnson Controls.

British marketing expert David Burdon spearheads vSente's European operations. Burdon, 46, with 25 years experience working with European multinationals has established a London bridgehead to support growing demand from vSente's European clients. His experience includes: Cosmosair Plc - Sales and Marketing Director, Opus Trust Venture Capital Fund - Divisional Manager, Lansdowne Venture Group - Managing Director Designate, Planit On Line - Managing Director, Thames Gateway Kent Partnership - Chief Executive, Stena Line UK - Chairman UK Marketing Group, Hi-Tec Sports Scandinavia - Managing Director, Carlsberg Brewery Ltd. - Marketing Director


More than 500 campaigns in 38 different industries as diverse as pipe fabrication, enterprise software and retail merchandising. For clients ranging from the Fortune 500 to VC backed startups and small privately held businesses. And for campaigns ranging in size from a one-week, $1,000 key account initiative to a nine-month $17 million product launch. Clients have included GTE, Marshall Industries, IBM, Phillips, Texas Instruments, Jacobs Engineering, Weider Nutrition, Luxul Broadband, SyQuest Corporation, Christensen Boyles Corporation, Lockwood Greene and many small, privately held enterprises.


Campaigning. We’re campaigners. We battle for market share. We launch products, defend share, attack competition and reposition weak offerings.We campaign via a proprietary, battle proven methodology that utilizes maneuver theory to generate competitive advantage. vSente's methodology is the antithesis of traditional advertising and PR. Click here for more information about our campaigning services.


vSente's proprietary campaigning methodology is described in The Art of Attack our 95 page PDF manual. If you're a mid-size enterprise contemplating a campaign send an e-mail to Mike telling him about your company and we'll send you the manual for free. The methodology allows campaigners to shape the conflict to their advantage and the disadvantage of their competition and is influenced primarily by Sun Tzu, John Boyd and Michael Porter.


The ability to outmaneuver larger better provisioned competitors. Maneuver theory allows us to utilize fewer resources to generate greater impact and is ideally suited for start-ups and turnarounds with limited resources and accelerated time lines.

CONTACT INFORMATION. Our general e-mail address is info@vsente.com. Phone is 415.457.8449. David can be reached at +44 (0) 123 366 3199 in the UK.

VSENTE is a marketing campaigning consultancy with offices in San Francisco and London. They execute campaigns for a global clientele via a proprietary campaiging methodology.

A vSente campaign is ideally suited for the smaller enterprise intent on attacking and dislodging larger, better provisioned competitors. Based upon maneuver theory, the vSente methodology typically utilizes fewer resources to generate greater impact.

Maneuver theory articulates how a competitor can shape a conflict - whether it is the battlefield or the marketplace - to his advantage, and to the disadvantage of his opponent. Applying maneuver theory to contemporary advertising, marketing and branding initiatives can generate remarkable results.

In addition to executing campaigns the firm offers two-day Mobilizations and Seminars for clients requiring immediate action to exploit urgent revenue opportunities and is also the host for the ARMORY an on-line resource for the competitive marketer.